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"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone"

Neale Donald Walsch

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Hey, Welcome to my page, I'm SeedSense' a Wheelchair Warrior, a Cannabis Activist.

 Until now, an armchair activist. Thought I’d join in, here goes…

I am not selling you anything, other than an idea..

Not sponsored by any organisations and don’t represent any persons, just a personal view and thoughts.

I’m trying to join the ‘mission’ of correcting the colossal injustice with UK Hemp Farming, Medical Cannabis Prescriptions, CBD laws and Recreational Cannabis.

Researched my butt off and have to say,  am confused, Not by the masses of information out there.
By the UK Authorities narrow views or devious, which ever it may be. The antiquated laws and regulations. None of it makes any sense. It’s simple, isn’t it?.

I’ve been a recreational user of Cannabis for many years.

And now part of a large growing number of people who illegally treat themselves medically with natural Cannabis.

This makes me a criminal, which in its self is criminal.

Trying to make sense of the craziness

The Cannabis arena in the UK, really, WTF?.

Personally, Tried every prescription medication going, it’s a no brain’er, Cannabis works best for me.  As it does for so many many people.

My body is riddled with arthritis, I’ve been like this for 10 years, I’m now mid 40’s.

I know Cannabis works for us, but it’s not available, we simply cannot get the help needed?.

A couple of years back, Was asked to leave my GP practice after enquiring about Medical Cannabis treatments, whoops.

So very tempted to try again now.  My Pain Specialist seems like he maybe interested in the CBD route.  Once, I get over my fear.. Stand back, I’m going in!
Wish me luck people.

My knowledge on Cannabis is okay but I am far from an expert. Here, would like to put together all the bits I’ve accumulated and my heroes who are at the forefront of the UK campaign; for the right reasons.

I have a passion and a serious thirst for knowledge on this subject; CannaCurious!

British Hemp Manifesto

A must-read for anyone who cares about the Environment

Written by the British Hemp Alliance.

(Handed to Cabinet Minister Michael Gove by Mandy Tusz of Big Chief Hemp).

Hero Board

Brave people, these guys have touched our hearts, shaped my sensibility, inspired me and countless others to press on, for a positive change in Medical Cannabis Laws.

Stories of their campaigning and life battles are proof enough – our children are sick, our elderly should not be suffering; Our non-biased experts are telling us Cannabis Can help.

The current situation is unnecessary; we continue to strive for positive a change.

Cannabis is an ancient plant – It really should not be this hard.

Callie (Pinky) & Deryn

Callie (Pinky) & Deryn

A brave Mum, willing to go any route to make her son comfortable during end of life treatment.

Seed the Light Canna Flag 6
Seed Our Future

Seed Our Future

Seed Our Future is a campaign to persuade the UK Government to: Tell the Truth, Protect the People, Environment & the Economy.

Seed the Light Canna Flag 6
Consultant Neurologist

Consultant Neurologist

Professor Mike Barnes is a Consultant Neurologist and Medical Cannabis expert. Opening the door to your GP.

Seed the Light Canna Flag 6
Hempen Co-Operative

Hempen Co-Operative

Hempen are a Co-Operative group in Oxford, Being the first and leading UK-grown certified organic hemp farm. They had to destroy and entire Crop on the whim of the Home Office.

Seed the Light Canna Flag 6
Hannah & Alfie

Hannah & Alfie

Hannah's son Alfie suffers with a rare epilepsy. Alfie responded very well to Cannabinoids CBD. And so the campaign began.

Seed the Light Canna Flag 6
The British Hemp Alliance

The British Hemp Alliance

The British Hemp Alliance formerly the British Hemp Association. Are Seeding the future of British Hemp. Creating a thriving domestic Hemp Industry

Seed the Light Canna Flag 6

Does the shoe fit?

The Lazy Stoner

There is a stereotype attached to the ‘The Toker’ ‘The Stoner’ ‘The Pot Head’, that I find a tad out of date.

We are not all like Cheech & Chong, as hilarious as they are.

I perform an involuntary ‘eye roll’ hearing the term ‘lazy stoner’.

If a stoner is lazy, as a person; they are perhaps just lazy.
It’s irrelevant if they use Cannabis or not.

We are not all lazy; it’s a very outdated idea.

Sometimes, get a kick out of the expressions I see in peoples faces when they hear I use Cannabis, usually shock with a wry smile.

Had a long career, now run my own business. Have a decent home, car, lovely friends, Raised a healthy child into a well-rounded adult, all-in-all a relatively prosperous, happy life.

Admittedly, I measure my success mainly in love rather than material possessions.
Enjoy a close family bond and have a terrific bunch of friends, with a tight inner circle, some smoke cannabis, some don’t. More don’t than do.

My family and friends accept my Cannabis as part of me. My family now actively encourage my use, as they see first hand how it helps me with my severe pain levels.

Some of my employers accepted my use too. My colleagues noticed, if I’d had a cheeky smoke at lunch, my spreadsheet work was better, I was more focused

in the afternoon.

Lazy, is not a word that I would use to describe my self or my fellow smokers. We all have full-time jobs and responsibilities.

As a mother, I gave up smoking the moment discovered was pregnant. It was easy (think morning sickness played a good part).

Began Cannabis again (without tobacco), when my daughter was a few months old. If I am frank, it assisted with the stresses of being a new Mum, kept me calm and got me through.

In my mid 20’s, after the smoking fun of my teens; Cannabis for me became my herbal remedy, a great relaxant and used it medicinally.

My blood pressure has always been spot on and have not suffered any adverse mental effects from Cannabis.

Awful but actual fact, such a gentleman was Anslinger (in my most sarcastic voice); he had Billie Holliday handcuffed on her death bed due to suspicion of drug use and possession. 


**Sadly, I am aware there is a small percentage of people who cannot use Cannabis, as it adversely affects their mental state.

 However, this is not the case for us all.

In truth, Isn’t the same with anything?; some of the population are intolerant of prescription drugs; some are Cannabis intolerant.
I am opiate intolerant, Paracetamol is the most potent prescription drug suitable, yet Cannabis works well my biology.


Don’t judge alcohol drinkers; I am not a drinker myself. Once upon a time, in my youth, I would drink, but never enjoyed the hangover or the misbehaving, the guilt feeling in the morning the ‘alco-noir’— each to their own, ey!

Feel being a toker, is civilised and suits my lifestyle.

There is undoubtedly a chasm in my behaviour between an evening smoking with friends to an evening drinking.

Drinking with friends often ended in; a distinct inability to walk or speak, and or leading to tears – no ability to hold myself in a manner befitting a lady – Not good.

For us an evening smoking, it’s the polar opposite; great conversation and only pain is my jaw aching and the only tears from laughing and still with the ability to operate machinery.

The shoe does not fit, We are all different people, with different lives.

With Love x

What is my favourite Cannabis

I have no idea? I've been smoking for around 20 years, and I have no idea. Doesn't that seem daft? Let me explain.

This is a great film on Amazon, educational fun.

The Culture High, is a fabulous watch. Featuring Professor David Nutt  Richard Branson. It’s a real insight to where with are with Marijuana today and why.

There has never been a better time for positive change

Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great

We stand at a crossroads with Cannabis; which path it will take? For now, it is a mystery.

We need to educate and adjust the mindset of our fellow Brits, on the subject of Cannabis. Put to bed the taboos. Share the knowledge.  So much is possible and so much precious research time already lost.

Being Lady Jane's Lover

More from the 'Does the shoe fit?' series. Written by WeedScience (a scientist irl).

A Canna Community: Call to Arms

By Simpa Life

To whom it may concern,

We have all unwittingly been sowing the seeds of distrust, dismay, and despair within our own community by supporting the continued subdivision of our noble cause; ending Cannabis prohibition. These seeds have quietly taken root and have been growing unchecked in all corners of our community for decades….  Read More

The Cold Cannabis Fact

The Sad facts

It's grim but true

It’s a painful subject.

In 2018 we saw 113,000  avoidable deaths in the UK, due to poor diets, smoking, alcohol – all legal.

Included in this figure; drugs, some legal some not so.

Smoking Related
Poor Diet
Drugs (incl. pharmaceuticals)

The number of deaths attributed to Cannabis Zero. You have to ask yourself why this plant is so demonised.

* 113,000 deaths recorded in 2018.  **The drugs figures include pharmaceutical prescription drugs.

Why is Cannabis Illegal?

Why is Cannabis Illegal is a good question but a painful one to answer.

The reason Cannabis is Illegal is precisely what drove us to join the Cannabis Rebellion in the first instance, yet it is one of the last articles on my list that I’ve written.

I kept putting it off. It’s not a great subject and fills me with dread. But facts are facts and truth, although it hurts, is truth.

It isn’t pleasant and at the same time, astonishing how timely it all is, writing this article. There are many writings about this subject. It’s nothing new.

The Demise of Cannabis was due to Racism and Greed.

Awful but actual fact, such a gentleman was Anslinger (in my most sarcastic voice); he had Billie Holliday handcuffed on her death bed due to suspicion of drug use and possession. 


If you are unaware, I know, your first thought is why and how on earth is it to do with Racism?! 

Let me have a moment of your time, and I’ll explain.

It’s all been hoax, a very creative and cruel hoax. And it goes all the way to the top. 

Four names; Four villains all complicit in this whole ugly debacle. 

Harry J. Anslinger.

John Ehrlichman

President Nixon

President Reagan

Not at the same time, and not for the same reason but along the line, they all had a part to play.

Anslinger kicked off; he was a United States government official. He served as the first commissioner of the US Treasury Department’s Federal Bureau of Narcotics. 

He was active during five presidencies, in the time of Hoover, Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy. 

He became active in the process of Alcohol Prohibition around 1930. Just before the ending of alcohol prohibition.

Please note, at this time Anslinger spouted cannabis was not a problem. It did not harm people, and “There is probably no more absurd fallacy than the idea it makes people violent”.

Then came in the startling effects of the Alcohol Prohibition for Anslinger.

In 1933 the US Senate all took a vote to rescind the law on alcohol prohibition, it passed. 

At that moment this threatened 35,000 the jobs of prohibition enforcement officers. Now the ‘Drug Enforcement Administration’, together with the man at the top, Director Harry Anslinger.

1920s 1930s Prohibition March

Alcohol needed a replacement for their loss – Enter stage left ‘Cannabis’.

Anslinger’s narrative changed; it was horrific and very damaging, to communities and cannabis.  

He began to use the Mexican name ‘Marijuana’ and to associate its use with illegal immigrants. He created stories about its damaging effects and would band around rhetoric ‘It would Destroy American lives and would result in women being raped by drug-crazed foreigners. He created a moral panic.  

He went on to associate Cannabis with Heroin in the media and demonised the plant, to crush it and keep his job and his department going.

In a hideously racist plan, he began to direct his vilification at Black Americans. He targeted the black community, with harassment and drugs charges. 

He aimed him his sights at the great Billie Holiday and her song, Strange Fruit. Publicly threatening Billie, he demanded she stops performing her song. 

black and white picture of billie holiday with white flower in her hair

It was part of a broader strategy to keep minorities suppressed and earn money from Pharmaceutical companies. 

By vilifying cannabis, it prevented its cultivation for experimentation and medical use. 

Pharmaceutical companies have actively prevented the studying of this plant for many years. Anslinger was more than a willing accomplice in their greed and his own heartless needs.

Please don’t take my word for it; this is all public knowledge.  

“Marijuana was not made illegal because it caused criminality, insanity, and death” as was claimed by Harry J. Anslinger. It was made illegal in an attempt to control Mexican immigration into the United States and to help boost the profits of large pharmaceutical companies”.

And let’s not forget to justify his role and his departments’ existence.

In Anslinger’s book The Protectors (1964), a chapter called “Jazz and Junk Don’t Mix” is all about black jazz musicians Billie Holiday and Charlie Parker.

The saddest thing, both died after years of illegal heroin and alcohol abuse.

Awful but actual fact, such a gentleman was Anslinger (in my most sarcastic voice); he had Billie Holliday handcuffed on her death bed due to suspicion of drug use and possession. 


Further along the line, Presidents would accept this information. Anslinger went to the trouble of travelling the globe to Peddle his awful bag of lies and deceit, including the World Health Organisation. The UK joined the party in denying cannabis, and it’s medicinal validity.

President Nixon ensured this continued In the 1960s. Drugs became a symbol of youth and rebellion. With social upheaval and political dissent, the government had to come up with a plan, and they halted scientific research, to evaluate their efficacy and medical safety.

This culminated with a purge of all the literature on cannabis, from every University and College across America. Nixon’s campaign; spearheaded by John Ehrlichman, his assistant and Watergate Co-Conspirator.

We move along to 1972 when we saw the US commission unanimously recommend the decriminalising the distribution and possession of marijuana for personal use. 

To which, Nixon ignores the report and rejects its recommendation.

To which, Nixon ignores the report and rejects its recommendation.

John Ehrlichman was later quoted as saying “We couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalising both heavily, we could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news.

Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course, we did.”

President Reagan furthered this colossal injustice by hitting it up a few notches.

Margaret Thatcher. Reagan’s commission was very much focused on the prison system. Reagan’s political career cantered around privatising the US, with similar thoughts of his partner in crime

President Reagan Margaret Thatcher in a meeting

Reagan’s privatisation plans began with his War on Drugs and quickly spread across the country. The War on Drugs was given a new life in 1982. Drug addiction was being treated as a crime instead of a health issue.

Nancy Reagan was everywhere with her ‘Just Say No’ Campaign and Zero tolerance ensued with American parents up and down the country.

With the public behind him, Reagan convinced his loyal followers’ incarceration, and longer criminal sentencing was the answer to addiction.  

Reagan went on and developed and passed harsher criminal sentencing reforms that caused the prison industry to grow exponentially. Reagan launched his War on Drugs, with the intent of creating a wave of mass incarceration. The aim, to cause a failure of the existing prison system. The goal; the development and growth of the private prison industry.

Mandatory minimum sentences were increased for Drugs offences. They were eliminating parole for most prisoners. 

They created a Crime Control Act, enshrined ‘Civil forfeiture’ that allowed any proceeds from ceased assets to be shared amongst both Federal and local agencies. All this was even possible before charges had been brought. It was siting the Death penalty for so-called ‘Kingpins’, ‘Drug Lords’.  

Random drug testing became an everyday occurrence in the workplace for Federal Employees. The military was to get involved with drug law enforcement. Reagan began to work his drug policies into other countries, compelling them to commit to US drug control initiatives.

The incarceration rates in the US rose to unprecedented levels between 1985 to 1995 began with 740,000 prisoners to 1,600,000. White males were only accounting for 29% of the prison population.

We move into the 2000’s Theresa May Primemisnister, and her husband Phillip May. Are the largest investors in a British Sugar company, GW Pharmaceuticals. This organisation, to date one of the largest suppliers of Medical Cannabis in the World. With her colleague Victora Atkins, of the Home Office. Her husband is the Managing Director of GW Pharmaceuticals. They have a large complex growing cannabis, to the tune of 23 football pitches.

All the while, both ladies in the House of Commons, voting against legalisation, all the time telling the House Cannabis has no medical benefit.

Every Police Commissioner in the Country has been asked for the Foundation Evidence that sees the plant sit within Schedule, 1 Misuse of Drugs Act.  

None of which can provide the evidence, the reason they cannot give the proof; It does not exist.

The health authority was asked to provide evidence that cannabis causes schizophrenia. Again, the evidence cannot be delivered because it does not exist.

The consumption of cannabis has increased massively since the 1930s.

Yet the rate of schizophrenia has remained at 1% of the world.

If cannabis caused schizophrenia, we would see a massive uptick in cases. This has not occurred. Professor David Nutt of Imperial College London and Leicester Grinspoon MD of Harvard University have been studying Schizophrenia and Cannabis use, both have stated cannabis categorically does not cause schizophrenia. 

Why is cannabis illegal = It’s Political.