British Hemp Alliance

British Hemp Alliance

Their vision:

Seeding the future of British Hemp


I had the honour of being at the first Hemp Protest; we attended the London Rally organised by the Group ‘Seed the Future’ in London Outside New Scotland Yard, on the back lawn of the Home Office.

Rebekah Shaman, Founder of the British Hemp Alliance, was a key speaker.

Rebekah is an inspiration, seriously knowledgeable and passionate about all things Hemp. Rebekah can give you chapter and verse on this gentle plant, and it’s vast potential.

A beautiful soul who's been instrumental in bringing Hemp Awareness to the UK and assisting the core of the industry to be established.'s
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Rebekah Shaman
A most enlightening and passionate speaker Rebekah and Seed the Future outside New Scotland Yard July 2020

Standing up for your Rights

Rebekah’s organisation believes in an unrestricted and thriving hemp industry.

Delivering several vital goals in the UK, relevant to agriculture and the environment.

Passionately stating it’s uses for a wide range of environmentally friendly and carbon-negative products. All the while can actively contribute to mitigating climate change.

A thriving hemp industry can kick-start a new industrial revolution

We are encouraged with knowledge of a thriving hemp industry that can kickstart a new, improved industrial revolution, to boost local economies, and help to seed a brighter future in post-Brexit.


The British Hemp Alliance educates us and advises..

Since the passing of the US Hemp Farm Bill in 2018, we are beginning to see a massive resurgence in hemp manufacturing. If we don’t act soon, we could miss this vital opportunity to be part of the worldwide hemp renaissance.