Cannabis Law is Challenged

Seed Our Future

Issued an Open Demand to the Government & Police

After extensive research and Freedom of Information Requests.  Seed Our Future has Uncovered the facts.

The Police Services and Government have been served an Open Document, with a Demand to rectify and remove the unfounded laws surrounding Cannabis. 

The crime is against Cannabis & the people.
We have been lied to for years. Since Cannabis has been taken our of our food chain, we are getting ill.

No evidence, No Crime

Each of the 43 Police Crime Commissioners, Home Office, CPS and Police have been issued a Freedom Of Information request to request 5 pieces of information.

Seed Our Future has requested 5 pieces of Foundation Evidence to support the Laws against, Possession, Use and Cultivation of Cannabis.

The Outcome: There is no evidence and never has been evidence to include Cannabis on the Schedule 1 Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

Why does this matter?

  • In the absence of such Evidence, no UK Police Officer can legitimately arrest you, and no UK court can lawfully prosecute a case against any member of the public for Cultivation, p
  • Possession, or Use of Cannabis.
  • Every day, In accordance with UK Laws, the Police make an Oath to serve the people.

The Police PACE code and the Terrorism Act of 2000, arresting a UK citizen for Cannabis is indeed a Crime.

Pillars of public life

This contract can be found in the 7 pillars of public life:

Holders of public office must act and take decisions impartially, fairly and on merit, using the best evidence and without discrimination or bias.

The Police Service has a duty to remain non-political

 We clearly see Bias towards Big Pharmaceutical companies and the Petrochemical Industry

and it is Politically and Racially motivated.

Our Cannabis laws are illegal

Maxim of Law

Quamvis lex generaliter loquitur restringenda tamen est, ut cessante ratione et ipsa cessat.


“Though the law speaks generally, it must be limited as, where the reason ceases to apply, the law itself ceases

A personal note from Guy of Seed Our Future


With special thanks to the ‘Seed Our Future’ supporters, the entire ‘cannabis community,’ including but not limited to, every cannabis/hemp activist who has tirelessly fought for our rights, freedoms and future for decades, those who have been involved in all cannabis/hemp research, industry and promotion and finally to those in positions of power who push for changes in cannabis legislation. 


There is proof of Medical Benefits and Environmental Benefits using Cannabis.

Cannabis Laws are illegal

  • Marijuana can not induce a lethal response because of drug-related toxicity. To induce death, a marijuana smoker would have to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times as much marijuana as is contained in one marijuana cigarette. In this scenario, the likelihood is; dying of smoke inhalation first.
  • There is proof that our Prohibition Law was and remains to today, Politically motivated.
Cannabis is less harmful than sugar and should be immediately removed from the Schedule 1 list.
Cannabis should be immediately removed from any licensing requirements to cultivate.

We have proof Cannabis does not cause Schizophrenia.

You can help, it's easy...

We are asking the police not to prosecution and pursue any Cannabis related calls. Due to the last of Evidence.

The Government may not want to discuss this, so we need 13 member of each constituency to stand together and write to their local MP.

With 13 together your MP is bound by law to represent your issue in the House of Commons.

We are bound to force the truth from the House and overturn this insane law and licencing requirements.

Seed Our Future has a fantastic Legal Team!

This is a CannaCall to Arms peacefully of course, we are cannabis users.

The pen (in this case Legal and Due process) is Mightier than the sword.


Join us on Facebook or come visit us @ The Cannabis Community needs to join together Now.

 Truth is Our Sword, Unity Our Shield



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