Hannah Deacon Alfie Dingley

Alfie Dingley

Born in 2011, by the time baby Alfie was eight months old, he began to suffer from incredibly rare epilepsy. At five years old Alfie was suffering cluster seizures, every week.
The attacks were eventually progressing to five times per week.
The toddler was being treated with intravenous steroids. This treatment is tough on an adult body, let alone a very young child. It was unsustainable

Desperate, Alfie’s Mum Hannah Deacon, sought alternative treatments.

Hannah Discovered Cannabis CBD Oil

Alfie responded very well to Cannabinoids CBD & THC; it was administered to Alfie under a paediatric neurologist’s guidance.
Alfie managed an unheard-of 17-day run, without any seizures.

Hannah said: “It was the beginning of our miracle.

However, this fantastic treatment was not legal in the UK.

Alfie’s journey, in Hannah’s own words.

A video by the ‘Medical Cannabis Clinic’.


Medical cannabis was legalised last year. But patients still can’t get access. Their terrible suffering continues. Help us to help them

Alfie is one of the few children who has a prescription for Medical Cannabis.  Hannah is campaigning on behalf of multiple other families, in a similar situation.

Hannah is working with Professor Mike Barnes. 

Mike Barnes is the founder of the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society & chairman of the Medical Cannabis Clinics.

Both are working hard to realise the changes in legislation with Medical Cannabis; by educating our GP’s.  


The Campaign begins

Alfie made the headlines when his family petitioned the government for him to be permitted to use medicinal cannabis as prescribed in Holland at his home in the UK.

'End Our Pain' begins

Hannah began the campaign,’ End Our Pain’.  Appearing on national TV,  she made BBC Breakfast where she told Alfie’s story.

Hannah has taken the campaign to Central Government and regularly lobbying our parliamentary MP’s for a radical reform on medical Cannabis.

Hannah is not interested in recreational Cannabis laws and insists, the Medical Cannabis issue be completely separate.

End our Pain’ is a campaign on behalf of a wider group of families, each with children, whose lives are deeply affected by life-threatening conditions. All of which are made better by Cannabis.

Yet treatments are denied to children. With no rational reasons, why?

You can help, it's easy...

I hear the arguments about side effects, yes, yes, however,
undoubtedly the medications provided by our pharmaceuticals also are not thoroughly tested and have significant side effects.