illegally alive

illegally alive

Callie Blackwell is an advocate for holistic lifestyles and remedies, One of the UK’s top Cannabis Activists. Campaigning for the rights of Cannabis, to prevent many diseases, including cancer.

Callie, aka ‘Pinky’. ‘Illegally Alive ‘These are Callie’s words, regarding her courageous son, Deryn.

Deryn was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in 2010 and just 18 months later, with a rarer more aggressive cancer; Langerhans Cell Sarcoma.


Hear this humbling storey, an interview with her fellow Activist ‘Frenchy & Callie’

Russell Howard - On Deryn

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Callie can be found at many events around the Country, including the Houses of Parliament, campaigning, for our rights to medical cannabis . Callie has been invited to work with ‘WHO’, on a Cannabis Panel to make recommendations for International Cannabis laws.  

One campaign Callie recommends:

 ‘We The Undersigned Have A Human Sovereign Right To Cannabis’

They can be found here:

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Here is a truly wonderful Unilad video of the Inspirational Deryn ! 

Callie on Loose Women

When all medical avenues had been exhausted, Deryn had been given a week to live. Callie turned to a home remedy, to treat Deryn’s anxiety, Cannabis Oil.

Callie watched her sons miraculous recovery. The Cannabis oil affected more than the anxiety.

 A dramatic turn around to a healthy young man.

Callie is at the front of this ever-growing campaign, a true Activist, working hard for positive change in the current UK Prohibition laws.

Callie has written a book about here journey with Deryn and cannabis.

‘The boy in 7 billion’

Callie on Hemp & CBD Media