Prof. Mike Barnes

Expert cannabis physician

Professor Mike Barnes is a Consultant Neurologist and Medical Cannabis expert.

One of my Heros;  Mike has dedicated his career to the development of neurological rehabilitation, medical cannabis awareness and education.

Prof. Barnes feels Medical cannabis can be life-changing for people living with chronic conditions, and he is dedicated to assisting patients to gain access to this treatment.

See Prof. Barnes here, chatting with CannaManTV

Prof. Barnes worked with Hannah Deacon to assist in gaining the NHS prescription for young Alfie Dingley.

Barnes is and is also a Trustee of medical cannabis law reform organisation CLEAR.

Professor Michael Barnes, MD FRCP, Clinical Director at The Medical Cannabis Clinics

Barnes has created the Non-Profit organisation for GP’s and Medical Clinicians, to provide Education; Medical Cannabis Clinics.
An Online free Academy.
This is an Online free Academy.

Clinic Here

Prof. Barnes believes Medical Cannabis should be used alongside Pharmaceutical drugs as a complimentary botanical treatment. 

Prof.Barnes is a Pioneering doctor, we salute you Sir.


He has created and or a part of a handful of organisations. All to bring treatments to patients with a pressing need. A gentleman and an upstanding guy.

Chief Medical Officer of Sol Global Investments, the Chief Medical Officer of Lyphe Group, where he is Chairman of The Medical Cannabis Clinics and The Director of Education at the Academy of Medical Cannabis. 

Prof. Barnes has written a book about medical cannabis. Available from Amazon here