Seed Our

Cannabis Rebellion is an action group, who created The Hemp Rebellion movement. 

Seed Our Future Campaign states: They are a national movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience in an attempt to bring about mass awareness to the unsubstantiated laws and regulations surrounding the Cannabis plant and how this affects us all.

Just one act of autonomy and compassion can create a catalyst for change. We must remember that it is us who have the power, not the powers that be. Together, we can stand tall, speak with truth and sow the seed of hope

Hemp Rebellion

On the 19th July 2020, Protests where held, organised by the Seed the Future Campaign.  These protests were gathered in 9 different locations up & down the UK.

People of the UK as we face an economic, health, environmental, and food emergency.
It’s very clear our Government are failing to protect us. 
Our Government protect the corporations who’s interests solely is making profit and keeping the shareholders happy.
This is in direct opposition to acting in the interest of it peoples and the environment in which we live.
Seed Our Future is a campaign to persuade the UK Government to:
  • Tell the Truth
  • Protect the People, Environment and Economy of the UK
  • Completely abandon the unsubstantiated laws and regulations surrounding hemp (Cannabis sativa)
Hemp has been an essential crop for thousands of years. Over the past century, this plant has been vilified and prohibited (yes, you can grow hemp in the UK but the licensing and restrictions are unnecessary and disproportionate) and this has been based on lies, corruption and greed so that corporations could monopolise key industries.





Seed Our Future

Guy Coxall (on the right) from Hemp Tank, leads this amazing group in the fight to free Cannabis in all its forms, Medicinal and Recreational


Legal Note: Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) is a Schedule 1 Drug which carries a Class B penalty even though it is completely non-psychoactive, non-toxic, has a myraid of medicinal properties, industrial properties and there is no evidence of harm or dependancy. There is no foundational evidence for it’s classification and it’s prohibition harms our health, our environment, our communities and our economy whilst supporting institutional rasicm and benefiting corporate greed. #StopProhibitionNow

The Campaign begins

We joined the Hemp Rebellion in New Scotland Yard, on the lawn on the Home Office.
We, attendees, were invited to plant a hemp seed in a pot. At our own risk, for the cause.
Something that is currently deemed illegal in the UK without a Home Office licence.

Plants were confiscated?

What an excellent idea. As a group, The Hemp Rebellion, we brought along hemp plants and hemp seeds.
Some of which were confiscated by the police, under the instruction of the Home Office due to anti-cultivation laws in the UK.

The day was policed well, as the protesters were peaceful, respectful and exercising correct social distancing. What else would you expect from the CannaCommunity, peace and love!
It sounds simple enough; why don’t you just get a licence?.

Ah, you see, this is where the fun begins. We everyday folk are not able to gain a licence, and for the life of me, I cannot tell you why?.
It appears to all, it’s merely the case of an online application process.

It's just a matter of completing a form and paying a fee...

For success, you must have an ‘Enhanced DBS’ check performed.
It would be best if you then found a plot of land. Not just any old area; Land a certain distance from a school and hidden from public view.
Once you satisfy these criteria, you notify your local Police Force of your presence.

Except, not many get a licence?.

In the main, it’s Big companies getting through, mainly those with political connections.

Even if you do gain a licence this is no guarantee it will not be revoked or worse, not renewed. 

I say worse, a well run  organisation called Hempen and their farmer were forced to destroy an entire crop as their licence was not renewed for reasons…. oh, no reason?.

Stick & Seeds

The most ridcuous part of this; in the UK a hemp farmer can only cultivate for the Stalks & the seeds, the best part, the Buds/flowers of the Hemp plant must be destroyed, at the grow site.  You cannot travel with Hemp Flowers in the UK.

Please do not take my word for it; the internet can take you on a trip down a strange lane, whereby Theresa May’s hubby, has connections to the largest medical cannabis distributors, Globally, based out of the UK.

Unless you are a company such as, British Sugar, aka GW Pharmaceuticals.

Furthermore, have a gander at Paul Kenward, Husband Of Vicky Atkins Conservative MP, Who worked as a barrister specialising in the field of fraud (pardon the pun).

While in the role of The UK Drugs Minister, The Right Dishonourable Lady voted in Parliament against the legalisation of Cannabis.

All the while MP Atkins is crowing of the Harm Cannabis does in the House of Commons… Her old man Grows Cannabis For A Living.

Now I’m not saying anything here, but something smells off. Perhaps it’s just the sour milk in my fridge…

So we stood/sat together to demonstrate against the hypocrisy of the Hemp Farming Laws.

SeedSense; chatting to a Policeman explaining the value of Cannabis x