What’s my favourite Cannabis?

What is my Favourite Cannabis?

No idea.

How do you not know?

Which cannabis strain is my favourite?
The honest answer is, I have no idea.

I’ve been smoking for around 30 years, and I have no idea. Doesn’t that seem daft? Let me explain.

When I buy my Cannabis, most of the time I’m not told what it is because we get what we are given.

It’s not a case that you are presented with a whole array of choice. You are not able to request a particular type. The market cannot operate like that because it’s forced underground.

Our inability to choose our preferred strain presents a whole array of problems.
We have no idea where our Cannabis has come from. No idea of who or how it was grown, let alone which strain it is. There are thousands of different seeds type and Thousands of breeders.

There is the odd occasion when we are advised of what we have been sold, but it’s rare, it’s hard to remember what you like as you don’t know until after the event, that you like it.
You then have to ask your dealer a month after he’s had it, not cool, the question is never appreciated.

And why do you need to know, as you cannot put in requests?

You can see my issue; with heavy smoke and having to work, on the flip side, a stimulating bud that keeps me awake at night. It’s almost cruel.

Some are a light smoke, some are medium, and some are heavy. In what way? Well, there are two significant types of cannabis plants are Sativa and Indica.

Each strain has it’s own range of effects on the body and mind providing a wide range of benefits and effects. Indica generally provides a sense of body relaxation whereby Sativa tends to give more energising effects.

Of the 115 or more Cannabinoids, the levels of THC can vary widely -THC is the psychoactive element of the Marijuana plant. 

Some types of Cannabis make you very sleepy, some make you very alert, it would be nice to be able to have three different strains in one day.

One to wake me up and feel alert, a sweet Sativa. The second as a nice and gentle medium midday smoke and the third, heavy Indica smoke that will aid a relaxed, beautiful sleep.

You can see my issue; with heavy smoke and having to work, on the flip side, a stimulating bud that keeps me awake at night. It’s almost cruel.

I dream of a sweet shop style shop, all our favourites in a row to choose from.

Old fashioned sweet shop

Like most women, I’m mostly on a diet, in an attempt to keep my weight down. Now more than ever for health reason’s I need to control my intake of calories. However, that’s an issue with Cannabis. Some strain’s increase your appetite ‘the munchies’, some suppress.
It would be convenient to know, as you can imagine, being on a diet and wanting to eat is hard work!

One day I prefer an earthy taste and the next fancy a cheesy or blueberry. Having the same flavour for weeks is annoying.
We all get bored with eating or drinking the same foods every day, and it’s more or less the same for Cannabis.

It’s often a marvel to me that folks refer to Cannabis as a gateway drug.
It is firmly my belief the only way Cannabis is a gateway drug is nine times out of ten; your weed dealer is your coke dealer (and so on).
So the opportunity and or offer are there.

I have found in my humble 30 years experience, and seeing first hand Cannabis is an exit drug.
It is a great way to ease the pains of withdrawal, from pharmaceutical or not so pharmaceutical addictions.

There are many views out there about Cannabis, is it addictive?.

It’s certainly not physically addictive; we know this for a medical fact.
Whether it’s is psychologically addictive?

That’s a whole other question; I believe it’s the person rather than the weed. People are all different, and some folks have addictive personalities some don’t.

Allot of us have a sugar addiction.

Recently I read an article that stated:
In almost all cases, the possible consequences of marijuana addiction aren’t viscerally awful like an opioid overdose or a tobacco-related illness. And compared with alcohol, by most accounts, marijuana use is less likely to precede a life-shattering event like a car crash or physical violence.’

All I know is, something just isn’t right here, it’s a natural plant.  Pharmaceutical companies are extracting and isolating elements of the cannabis plant, creating a synthetic version and putting ‘patents’ on them. 

In the next breath we are told, it’s evil and has no medical benefits.

Don’t take my word for it.  Please do your own research.

All I know is – I don’t know.

Surely it’s time to find out what our favourite buds are and it’s time to enjoy all the benefits of this wonderful plant.



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